No More Homelessness Through Storage Containers

We are a non profit group called No More Homelessness, and we have been fighting for homeless causes for over eight years. We are firm believers that everyone deserves shelter, especially those living on the streets who have no means to get shelter. Our pilot program for using storage containers as shelter for homeless people was first originated in the port city of Seattle, where there are many homeless people and many used storage containers. The weather in Seattle can be bitterly cold with driving rains, causing homeless people to find shelter wherever they can, often disrupting the daily life of the citizens of Seattle. Using old storage containers that are no longer being used for shipping products across the oceans to help put a roof over the homeless was an amazing idea by the organization.

We were able to make a deal with the major shipping lines to get storage containers at a fraction of the price that they would normally cost. We were able to get such a great deal because the storage containers we needed didn't need to be in the best shape (actually they were often in the worst shape), as all they really needed to do was put roof over peoples head. Seattle has worked out so well that other programs have begun sprouting up all over the coastal cities where big ports are found. Helping the homeless get out of the cold is such a big moral boost for many homeless people, possibly even giving them the confidence to get off the streets for good.

Local Storage Container Rental Donates 25 Storage Containers

We'd like to thank Local Storage Container Rental for supplying us with 25 40' storage container rentals which will be used for shelter throughout Seattle and the surrounding areas. This donation will allow us to provide shelter for hundreds of homeless people. Visit for more information or to get a great deal on a storage container rental or lease.